Photo: Luke Hyttner

Harry often joins forces with Italian sensation Alfie Bernardi, a talented multi instrumentalist who is equally comfortable in the studio as he is on stage, having not only performed on many blues, country and roots albums by several artists but also produced a few for well respected performers.

He began playing on the London blues circuit back in the early 90’s alongside the likes of Ian Siegal, Lee Sankey and Matt Schofield and has gained recognition as a true master of the Chicago and county blues harp taking influence from greats such as Sonny Boy Williamson, James Cotton and Carey Bell.

The two share a passion for the great country blues performers of the 1920’s and 30’s and decided to team up in 2015 to bring this passion to the masses. Combined with a love for the aesthetic and sound of 50’s America they have created a dynamic and rip-roaring show that leaves audiences spell bound.

Together they form a duo that has delighted crowds in and around Brighton over the past two years dealing up a soulful, exciting and heart felt interpretation of the greatest American export, namely the BLUES!