Harry Hornsey & Alfie Bernardi, 100 Club, London 25.07.2017

Blues In Britain, Tom Brundage

Their set was excellent, and rather extended for an opening act, lasting a full 50 minutes. The crowd loved every minute, and would have been happy with more…Throughout their set, Harry and Alfie played with a deep sense of reverence and tribute to the artists and songs they were covering. Harry is an excellent guitarist, a particularly fine slide player, and has a powerful and versatile vocal range ideally suited to the songs he was covering. Alfie is also versatile, playing harp styles ranging from Sonny Terry-esque percussive, train-like sounds, to Jimmy Reed type high-end blow note bends, mixed in with some gritty Chicago blues in the manner of Junior Wells. Some excellent harp solos but also fine complementary melody-playing along with Harry’s vocals.

Full review available in September 2017 issue of Blues in Britain